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How a gratitude journal can help you get through the tough times

Amanda and Eva

Posted on July 20 2020

A cup of tea can perfectly compliment your gratitude journal writing practice

It’s a pretty strange new world we’ve all been confronted with at present and it’s something not many of us on this planet have ever had to face before. The Covid-19 virus has placed many of us into a very uncertain and anxious state so it’s really important for us to do what we can to look after ourselves, in particular our mental health. When we can manage our mental health usually everything else will fall into place. 

There are multiple activities we can take to improve our state of mind and some of the more well known ones include maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, meditating and socialising with loved ones and good friends. There is another thing that we love doing and that can definitely help start your day on the right path and that’s writing in a gratitude journal. Writing a daily list of ten things that you are thankful for is a great way to create a positive mindset for you to carry into the rest of your day. Also, University studies have shown that writing consistently in a gratitude journal can reduce stress and create a sense of calm. 

So what do you need to do for a gratitude journal? Start off by getting yourself a journal. Any notebook or paper will do. Leave it beside your bed and when you wake up write down ten things you are grateful for. If you can’t get to it in the morning, no stress, just get to it before bed or when you can find time. Start at the top of the page “Today I am so happy and grateful for…” and then list ten things that you are thankful for. It’s easy to start off with the big things like your loved ones, health, the roof over your head etc, but sometimes it’s the little things that we take for granted that can help to keep us living in the moment. Simple things like “my car because it took me to the supermarket safely and without any issues” or “my comfortable shoes because they allowed me to stay on my feet for most of the day”. It’s also totally ok to be grateful for the material things in your life too like “my new laptop that’s so fast compared to my old one”. In fact it’s ok to be grateful for literally anything you decide. You may even be able to find the positive in a negative event for you and it’s great when you can materialise that positive thought by putting pen to paper.


Also, make sure to be grateful to yourself. Thank yourself for deciding to get out and go for a run this morning or make a healthier meal choice rather than what may be the most convenient. If you have a tendency to be a bit hard on yourself then this is a great way to acknowledge all the good things you can do and can help you really stay in the moment.


It’s a really good idea to find out what works best for you. When you can get yourself into a good rhythm that suits you, you're more likely to be able to make this a consistent part of your lifestyle. 

**It’s all well and good to do what you can to change some of our lifestyle factors to live a healthier and happier existence, but sometimes professional guidance is needed to help us along the best path. If we need professional help like from a doctor or a councilor that’s totally ok too and we definitely support that. A gratitude journal is only one of the things that can help us to achieve a better and happier version of ourselves. **

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